Use triggers to help you get a new job

Use a trigger to update your CVTriggers are small events or moments that occur throughout your daily life that remind you to do something. Some of the best marketing campaigns ever have used triggers to associate the marketed product with seemingly everyday occurrences or events, thereby increasing product recall and product purchases (for example the association of KitKat bars with “Have a break” or “kitKat and Coffee”).

Triggers remind you to take a certain behaviour and, in the best examples, create habits (though not always good!).

What’s this all got to do with getting a new job?

Well, why not turn triggers to your benefit; create a trigger of your own, something that triggers you to take action to ‘update my resume’ or ‘update my CV’.

Most people are champion procrastinators – especially when it comes to the less pleasurable tasks. We want to do something, but we put it off: the household job that we’ll do next weekend, the tax return that we’ll do next month, updating our resumes that we’ll do tomorrow. The problem of course is that when next weekend, or tomorrow comes, we either forget and then repeat the cycle, something else becomes important to do, or we simply put it off again in favor of a less onerous activity.

If your looking for a new job – maybe you’re out of work now, or maybe you’re seeking a career progression – your first step has to be to dust off your old resume or CV and update it. So, lets set a trigger to remind you. Here are a few I thought of to remind to you get on and update that resume:

  • the next time your boss upsets you
  • when you have a mid-morning coffee
  • when you step on the train for your morning commute
  • when you step on the train for your evening commute

The most powerful triggers are those that remind you of the desired action at a time when you can give immediate attention to it. So, for example, a great trigger to buy a new shower mat may be when you pick up the soap in the shower, but, you can’t very well buy one at that very moment (so by the time you get o the store – or online – you’ve forgotten) – thus this may seem like a good trigger, but its not the best. On the other hand, an example of a great trigger was the Budweiser “Wassup” ad campaign where the simple act of greeting friends became a powerful trigger for recalling the beer brand.

So, borrow a trick from the marketers, and set yourself a trigger to remind you to “update my resume” or “update my CV”.

When you land that new job you’ll be pleased you did.

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