The ‘Coffee Shop resume’ CV

Coffee Shop ResumeI want to home-in on an idea in my previous post about the best time to update your resume or CV and explore in a little more detail one of the ideas it suggests:

Using coffee-break time to update your resume.

A friend suggested to me that updating your resume or CV was something that could not be broken up into smaller units of time; because the task needed continuity of thought and an element of getting ‘in the zone’.

I considered this somewhat, and there is an element of truth in what she said, but I don’t fully agree.

I agree that getting ‘in the zone’ is needed for many work tasks, and for many people ‘context switching’ (in this case from ‘day job mode’ to ‘CV writing mode’) can be difficult.  But, when you consider that a resume or CV is closely related to your work I don’t consider it such a tough switch.

I can see that a traditional text-heavy resume may be difficult to dip in and out of, but not so with something like a Shine Resume or CV (which I consider to be THE ONLY WAY you should present yourself in today’s crowded job market). You should try it, all you’ll need is an iPad or iPad mini and a few slots of time to hunker down in your nearest coffee shop.

What you’ll find is that the experience can be very rewarding in more ways than one:

  • The nature of building an infographic (informational graphic) resume with Shine is such that you can dip in and out in discreet chunks of time and information without loss of continuity
  • You’ll start to associate the activity of updating your resume with a pleasurable experience (a coffee break), making it far less onerous
  • Your resultant infographic resume is SURE to get you much more attention, helping you to stand out from the crowd and secure those all-important interviews

Go on, give it a try, get Shine here and pick your coffee shop now.

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