I’m a hiring manager – Want to know what turns me on?

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 09.19.11As well as being one of the creators of Shine, I also happen to have a proper day-job (that I secured with my own Shine-style graphical resume – you can read more about that here).

Over the last 18 months my team has grown to more than 40 people. Do you know how many CV’s you have to look at to get 40 good people? And how many recruitment consultants do you think call me?

Well, my estimate is that I have personally reviewed around 2,000 CVs in the last 18 months alone. And, let me tell you, I probably get, on average, 2 calls from recruitment consultants, headhunters, and agencies EVERY day (I can tell who you are, you are the ONLY people that block your numbers. You all do it).

So what, I hear you say, well, here’s what: that a LOT OF BORING CVs to look at. Yes, boring, sorry to say it. I can safely say that in ALL those 2,000 CVs in the last 18 months, NONE have jumped out at me and shouted “I’m worth an interview”, I’ve had to work VERY HARD to elicit that information from those weighty documents.

Why make it so hard for me?

I know why you do it; because someone told you that the way a resume or CV should be, right? I’ve been there myself, even professional recruiters want their candidates to churn out boring, text-heavy, long-winded, identical, carbon-copy CVs and resumes. “Its what hiring managers want” they say.

Well, guess what. WRONG, we don’t. Give me something that doesn’t make me work so hard, show me your personality so I can make a better judgment about what you are like. Help me help you! (anyone seen Jerry Maguire?).

I respect that this may sound like a bit of a rant, I’m not that highly strung, honest, but, I do want to illustrate a point.  I am sure that I am not the only hiring manager that has quite enough to do every day thank you…

  • my inbox is full
  • the phone never stops ringing
  • my colleagues need to consult me on this and that
  • I simply don’t have any spare time

I WANT to hire you, but you need to understand where I’m at; I’m not lazy, far from it, its because I am so driven and focused that I just don’t have much time to spend reading everyone’s CV.

So, give me something exciting, new, visual. Something that I can take in, in one glance, something that will single you out as that one-in-two-thousand. I can almost guarantee that when I get that CV I’ll at least have a chat with you. The same cannot be said for the 9960 other people.

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