Shine’s Mission

Shine started as a seed of an idea after I spent months looking for my new job. I’d already paid a professional CV / resume writer to rewrite my resume; in fact I paid for their full package which was I recall somewhere around $750. But, for some reason, my brand new resume was not getting me the attention I deserved.

About this time I saw some graphical / infographic resumes on a blog, and I thought THAT is what I need.  So, I paid a designer to make me a much more graphical resume – at the cost of $1000 (I was living in San Francisco at the time, hence dollars).

Immediately upon sending out my new graphical resume I became fairly inundated with feedback from would-be employers.  In fact, my new ‘resugraphic’ as I liked to call it back then landed me a 6-figure salary job within the first two weeks of using it (thats 6-figure GBP, not USD!), on the strength of that CV and a telefone interview.Yes, I didn’t even attend an interview. (actually I would say its unusual to not even do a face to face interview, but the new job was in London and I was living in San Francisco, so we just did it by Skype).

Well, a few months went by in my new job, and I can say that I was blissfully happy. But, I did keep coming back to this idea that old-style resumes just DONT CUT THROUGH THE NOISE.  There was ‘something’ in this idea of graphical resumes (or resugraphics); that if I could find a way to allow anyone to make on with a free web app, then many more people could benefit as I had – without shelling out $1000.

And so, after THREE false starts, I finally found a team of guys that could deliver.  We but back the original idea (which was a pretty expansive web app) to become a VERY simple iPad app. So, I’m VERY pleased to point all you frustrated job seekers, laid off workers, university leavers, school leavers, upwardly mobiles, and anyone else that wants a new job or change of job to SHINE – GRAPHICAL CVs AND RESUMES.

Here is the app (open this on your iPad)

Shine graphical resumes and CVs

and here’s our Facebook page (please help us spread the word: like us, send us a message, comment, etc)

Shine App Facebook Page

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